Friendly Fires Our First Gig In Berlin

So first proper gig in Berlin was really last min thing only noticed that Friendly Fires were playing here the day before, wasn’t sold out so just jumped on my bike and got a ticket on the door thanks Berlin. How refreshing to get a ticket to see a band of their calibre and not have to buy tickets 3 months in advance probably sell out and so go on ebay or gumtree and try scavenge for tickets the day before.

The venue LIDO was really nice an old converted cinema, good size not too big but enough to get a good atmosphere and sound (at least after the 2nd song as thats how long the sound man took to sort it out).  For some reason even though they are one of my favourite indie-electro bands the music gods have also put something in my way and I have never managed to catch these guys live, so I was excited after watching a few Glastonbury sets on the Telly and have always smashed it and tonight they did not disappoint.

Mostly played the new album which seemed to make more sense live than on the record the energy really transposed it self to guys on stage helped in part by there energy and pure joy. They seem quite a happy band who at the moment really enjoying playing live and the crowd caught that bug of them. The lead singer Ed Macfarlane voice sounded great exactly as on the records which is more impressive considering how much dancing he does I will come back to this later, the band often put down there instruments and bashed crazy shakers added with small horn section which all helped to keep the vibe and noise from the crowd up. Special kudos must go to the drummer Edd Gibson who was playing well the very fast rythems and manging to sing the harmoines at the same time. The gig was great crowd got more and into as they played a few of big songs of the first album Like “Paris” and after they came back for encore played the new single “Hawaiian Air” the atmosphere in the room was buzzing (little sad that little Hawaiian girls didn’t aloha me like as Glastonbury :-).The band seemed truly grateful for there Berlin reception at the end of the show as Ed mentioned during the show that last time they played in this city was only to a few people not tonight and I think Berlin was glad to have them back.

Right then Ed and his dancing!! He was a joy to watch made me smile every time he wiggled his little bum at the crowd for some reason he liked dancing in his wonderful awkward way with his back to us but thats fine because looks even better backwards and his Hawaiian shirt was a nice touch, I think I would pay just to watch him happy dancing to his music as he is utterly immersed and in-sync with every noise and hit.

All in a great gig if you like indie-electro music then you arnt going to find my more places where you walk away with such a big smile on your face, so I recommend if they come to your town that you go see them.

Friendly Fires playing in London at the end of November and on a european tour right now!



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