Clock Opera We Like These Guys!!

New single just dropped on Monday from one of the most inresting bands we have herd in a while.


We caught Clock Opera’s set at Field Day and where mighty impressed these guys are defo ones to watch for 2012. They remind us of Half Elbow and Half The foals, now they are both great bands so – 50% Elbow + 50% The Foals = Good shit!!


Little promo for there new video which is rather good and by young director Aoife McArdle. Not sure why full video not been released before or at the same time as the single  (this really pisses us off when campaigns are no cohesive – but we also understand sometimes hiccups occur). Note to all Artists / Labels make sure all your stuff is ready to go at the same time it will help you sell more music fact!! Also good to get the video out before the release as it builds hype!!

Here is last single which is great.


They new Ep is out on Moshi Moshi get it here:

Ep Itunes link

Check there webiste for more info on lives dates they are touring with the Chapel Club and later in the year Tom Vek now that will be a corker!

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