Check this project we think this is great!!

Tokimonsta is trying to put together a music video of something really creative, she is turning to you to help out and donate some $$$. Depending how much money you give you can get signed T-shirt and other goodies, if you give 5oo bucks then she may be your best friend forever!!

Click on the link below watch the video and give some $$$!!

Kickstarter project Link

Jennifer Lee A.K.A TOKiMONSTA is an interesting character:

Toki means Rabbit in Korean!!

1: Because she is a producer.

2: She makes great electronic hip hop.

3: She is a Girl (wish this wasn’t unusual but it is in the beat world we need more girl beat makers)

We like Tokimonsta¬†as she makes interesting deep music and uses lots of great samples on bed rock of Dilla style beats. Now on Flying Lotus’s label Brainfeeder she is defiantly one of the staples of the LA beat music scene.



Tokimonsta is doing a big tour and hitting up europe so check her website below for details.


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