Hudmo is the future !!

Dope Hudmo NBA posters

So we went to see Hudson Mohawke on Wednesday in Shordtich at Xoyo and he smashed it!!

We have seen so many electronic artists/ dj’s play sets with a laptop and it can be so boring!! We will come back to this in a later post.

Even had his own signs 🙂

But Hudmo was defiantly not boring!! Even though he had no band you could tell he had put a lot of effort into the show. Hudmo had some wicked lights and great visuals with lots of donuts in lol!! If you get the reference will buy you a donut. Even went to the trouble of making some custom cool basketball posters which where jokes.

Bright lights

But it was more about the music!!

Hudmo used decks to control the laptop and a small controller for the beats, he mixed all his tunes together and had really thought about the blend. When you understand the nature of his music it’s not that easy to blend together as its not all at the same BPM a la techno.

THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART he played lots of his NEW SHIT I am guessing there is new album coming and it sounded phat!!

Some of the tracks sounded great, more beat oriented and stripped back when rappers hear is his new shit then gonna be fighting over it. We really think he is one of the best hip hop producers around at the moment and when his new album comes out it may confirm this.

It was a great gig Hudmo played all his old hits and some rmx’s even withstood a fire alarm, maybe his beats where so on fire they set it off. :-).

Live shoot

Watch this kid still only 25 and his growth is clear to see who know what he might do in the future.


You can catch him on tour check his website:

We are defo on the Hudmo Express now!!

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