Halloween Fun Times!!

So this weekend it’s that time again Halloween time yay!!

We shall be dressing up like a twat, consuming lots of booze and shaking our asses @ Voodouteque brought us by The Island whoop!!


The Island are a wonderful collective or musicians, artists, dancers and visual geeks that are trying to create something a little magic!!

Teeth!!, Vuvuvultures and Empress of Fur are headlining and will be playing Live !!

Here is the Facebook invite

Basically its going to be the most mental fun party in London on Saturday so dress up and come down.

We are creating several halloween friendly micro-universes throughout our overgrown house-party like venue: equipped with super hot, undead, dressed-to-the-nines, not-fucking-around characters to guide you through the experience. Meet our smoking hot voodoo vixens the Desperate Houseknives and host Miss Argentina who may make you slightly uneasy all night while our eternally fabulous zombie biker gang mopes around causing havoc. Prepare to be zombified if you don’t pay close enough attention!

Live Bands, Dead DJ’s for your perusal on the links below. A more than worthy soundtrack to the mayhem! Prepare for ritualistic levels of all night dancing by the light of our fire and electric static. Lest we forget the cult horror and B grade visuals custom built by The Island team.

Expect voodoo indoor bonfire party, post apocalyptic wall of monitors with live VJ and spy cams, UV, messy zombie transformations, plus walking talking interactive Beetlejuicey sets and characters and a clutch of perverse performers. Plus a nod from the Horror Channel who have put some seriously fucked up footage into our ever loving hands. We hope to see you there! Shebubwa.

Bands + DJ’s: computer dancefloor all body punches, metal, remixxes, goth, grunge, doom crooners, psychobilly, NRG, new wave, glitch pop, rock n roll, blues, synth exploration, noise experiments, booty shakin, gangster rap.



8 – late.. Mutilation is funny. Dress up or be kidnapped.
Fr33 your M1nd!

No idea what the deal is with the video but we like it 🙂
For more info check their website!!
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