The Joker in the Pack


Well then we have mixed feelings about this Joker Album, for a long time this kid has been one of our favourite Dubstep producers. Since bursting onto the scene at the ripe old age of 16 Joker has made some of the best underground dubstep around, which is impressive considering how young he is. I even remember my friend talking to me about him posting on twitter complaining about his mum and thus reminded how young he was that he still lived at home 🙂

His last few vinyl releases have been a little on the commercial side so when we heard that he had been signed to 4AD and had some cash behind him we hoped that musically would be more like his old stuff, but alas after listening to it seems that his head has been turned by the potential $$$ and is trying to cash in on the in vogue radio friendly Dubstep.

Most of the album is quite bland and boring with some very pop vocals on, but there are some stand out tracks that show his real talent “Milky way” & “My Trance Girl” these are more like the Joker we know and love and the R & B influenced “On my mind” is really interesting.

The New Album “The Vision” is out on the 31/10

He is probably going to be all over Radio 1 soon its just a shame with his first album he felt the need to chase commercial success!!

Here is a reminder of some of Jokers old work, its really good.


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