Teebs Collections 01


Teebs makes lovely cinematic chilled out dance music!!

Most of the dance music is exactly that music with banging base that is designed to make you nod your head or jump up and down, but Teebs heart beats to a different sound!! Teebs is part of the LA electronic movement one of the linchpins of the Brainfeeder crew and best mates with flying lotus (they living together). Teebs background is as an artist and he makes all the artwork for his music nice hey!! You can hear his artistry background in his music the way his music so built up of beautiful layers and delicately balanced in the overall sound. His Music is made up of strings, harps and other strange noises and uses lots of samples.

His new album “Collections 01” came out at the end of last week and is out on vinyl on the 20/11 its more of the same as his first LP “Ardour”, basically he makes lovely chilled out dance music with a similar kind of musical landscape to Burial but with a completely different uplifting sound. We recommend listening to this album with a cup of tea looking out a window and watching the world go by :-).


Ahh niceness!!

Here is one of the tracks from his first album “Ardour”


If you buy the album on vinyl then you will get a free download code and well worth it with all the amazing artwork, but if you can’t wait that long then here is the link to it on itunes. CLICK ME!!

We think Teebs is one the best electroinc producers around and you should go and buy both his old and his new album as both are quality.

Here is links to his interweb stuff!




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