The Roots New Album Undun!!

The Roots UNDUN cover

So The Roots New album “Undun” drops next week and they have been kicking out some videos for the last few weeks check them out.


Malcome X quote at the start nice!!



Old school style Roots


The latest one.

You can listen to a full stream of The Roots new album “Undun” HERE at NPR.

As usual The Roots are on point we are defiantly fans of this band, even though some of the original members have left and maybe not quite as good live as they once were pretty much all their back catalogue is good. Tell Santa to get this for you for Christmas.

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One thought on “The Roots New Album Undun!!

  1. Just to Let you know the roots have taken down the new NPR stream was only up for the first week!! But its really good so just go and buy it!!

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