Sunny Day


Here is a WORLD EXCLUSIVE of the new One EskimO song “SUNNY DAY”!!


If you go to you can download and listen to it for FREE!!!! Yes FREE!! The big fat man in the red suit has come early this year.

One EskimO are friends of ours and we have been lucky enough to be given a sneak preview of the new album!! Over the last year there has been a lot of late nights at Eskimo HQ cooking up the next installment. It’s been fantastic to hear how the new record has developed and how much the band has grown over that time. It was a long bumpy journey for One EskimO and the success they had with their first record. For some fans of One EskimO’s first album the new record may come as a surprise, but for a mole in the camp it’s not a big shock. After all most songs on the first album were recorded over 4 years ago and as a band they have moved forward (which we think all bands need to do otherwise we get bored don’t we?)

There are no ifs, buts or maybes One EskimO are now tweaking every little strange noise and there will be a new record in 2012, yay!!

The record sounds great, with lots of new songs encased in a dark electronic cocoon and the soundscaping of the record is brilliant mixing live recordings with programming. If you get a mixing bowl add Burial, Portishead and Flying lotus combined with One EskimO’s sound you create one big tasty atmospheric cake and that’s what the record sounds like. There is real depth to the sounds on the new record. What really pisses us off  is when musicians are lazy, now that Dubstep and this weird Hip Hop Trance has entered the mainstream it has become acceptable with electronic music to make simplistic sounds using logic presets. What separates artists such as “Burial” or “Jamie XX” from the average pop crap is the layering of the sounds and the time spent on engineering those digital noises, that’s what makes its interesting to listen to and that is exactly what’s been done at EskimO HQ. This is going to be a big record!!




We have heard the Future!! It sounds like One EskimO and it’s epic!!

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  1. When can we expect the new album? Did I miss it?

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