We Think Jamie XX Is The Shit!!

Jamie Smith

We Think Jamie Smith (XX) is the most exciting young producer in the world right now, everything he touches turns to gold. Wether its Jamie’s work with “The XX” or his remixes I have not heard a bad track and they all quite different from each other. In the End What really stands out about “The XX” was the sound and atmosphere of the record, only really a few great songs on it and that production was all Jamie’s and Kwes doing.

Check out this interview for the creators project which is quite a cool site! He never does interviews so it’s very insightful

Click me to watch Jamie XX

He talks about listening to music before he was in “The XX”  which started at 17 so what like maybe 14 or 15 when he was into Gil,Jazz and Soul (WTF how many kids are that deep into music). This kid is a bit special and he is only in his early 20’s just think of the music he will be making when he is 30!! I remember seeing him at FWD @ Plastic people just leaning on a wall in the corner listening to the music,  head nodding not talking, high 5ing and hob nobbing. Jamie did not move from that spot and even when a few girls tried to talk to him he blew them off and just waiting for them to finnish so he could carry on listening, he was there right till the end. This impressed me showed how much he was about the music and confirmed that he is a Level 10 beat junkie!!


Now that Drake and Rhianna have ripped “I’ll Take Care Of You” (which is still well strange – why does drake keep ripping London beat makers?) he is going to go mental chicken oriental next year. fingers crossed he does not sell out like a mofo but I get the feeling he is too much of a purist to do that well lets hope so!!

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