I had a conversation with an American moron yesterday who was trying to convince me that Ke$ha was a real artist, that he liked her first album and thought it was underrated. I replied that he was an idiot and that she was poison. I detested her more than any other current hollow commercial ho bag and that if I found anyone I knew had the record I would snap the it. The reason I bring this up is I think a lot of people who listen to mainstream music have forgotten what a real artist is, someone who writes / sings from the heart. It’s not something you can learn or Simon Cowell can teach on the X-Factor. Well Coco from Quadron is the real deal, we saw Quadron play in London earlier in the year and was one of the best gigs we have been to in years.

I came across this a few days ago. Here is amazing performance of Lauryn Hills “Ex-Factor” unplugged.


I mean come on and with a omnichord yeah!!

More Quadron goodness!!


If you can say that after watching these two videos you think Ke$ha is a better than Quadron I will Jump out of your screen the punch you in the face.

But don’t discount the other half of Quadron Robin Hannibal (song writer/producer) he is just as talented and pretty much responsible for almost all the good modern soul music that comes out of Denmark, Robin was the man behind the Boom Clap Bachelors too!!


Robin is on the right lol!! Great video so simple.

Robin Hannibal has been working on a solo EP “Bobby” it’s defo worth grabbing this.

Ohh and just incase you are wondering “Quadron” in Denmark means one-quarter black, they both have black grandfathers so they decided to call the band that. The name Quadron baffled me for ages until I found that out.


Hopefully should be more to come from these two in 2012.

Check them out here!!




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