The Spotlight on Producers For a Change

Kwes peak a boo we see you!!

Redbull and Vice Magazine got together to do a feature on the forgotten person in music “The Producers”. Once upon a time “The Producer” was of God Like status and was just as big as deal as the artist. Times have changed and a the art of producing has been lost, in the 90’s producers changed into beat makers and musicians (Dr Dre and the Neptunes) who pretty much finished the whole track then get the singer or rapper in to perform on top. Gone are the days of the old man sitting in his big leather chair in front of a ginormous mixing desk, listening to the session scratching his chin pondering the next subtle change to the music to sculpt it into a masterpiece.

With the decline of the music industry aka no $$$ and now smaller budgets, the producer now who does not write songs and construct the music has been left out in the cold which we think is a shame. The ability to coerce a group of musicians / vocalists to create better music and change their direction when heading into a cul-de-sac is becoming a lost art. Kwes we believe is defiantly of the mold of a 60’s producer like “Roy Halee“.

Click on the link below to watch the video of Kwes at the Redbull studios in London watch it and you will see what we mean.

Kwes at RedBull Studios

There are 6 in total the ones worth watching “Benga” basically goofing around and even though we not massive fans of “The Streets” production abilities he is pretty funny.

Here at Do You like Music we rate Kwes very highly and with his work with “The XX” and “Valentina” which was one of our favorite EP’s of the year we expect big things from him on 2012.


Kwes is now signed to Warp Records and we look forward to hearing his music next year!

For more info on Kwes and Valtenina check their websites:

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