Vinyl is on the up!

Here is a really cool graph of what’s really happening in music, if you listen to the media party line and the major record labels they will tell you that no one buys music anymore. Yes its likely that if you 18 years old and into music you may have never actually bought some music (we have met 18-21 year olds that didn’t even know any other way to get music but download it and that was illegal). Well they are wrong record sales went up last year, in the end people still want to buy music from the artists they love! In particular Vinyl sales are up, it’s quite clear that people still like to buy something they can touch, hold and smell.

Pretty much all records are now limited even for the big artists like “Black Keys” their new album would only press around 10,000 copies (they all sold out by the way), they could not actually press enough 12″s to supply the demand because now there are so few places that make vinyl as most of the factories have been shut down it takes longer to press. Most artist only do pressing of 1000 copies so if the record is big then in your hands you have a valuable commodity. Quite often if you have for example a “James Blake” first pressing one of his early releases it could be worth 5 times what you paid for in only one year. Not only does it sound better it’s the only music format that probably will hold or increase its value.

Here are the stats below:

The stock market maybe about to go down but records are not!!


But let’s be honest still a total of 3.9 million is not great overall when you think big artists used to sell that on their own, but you can see from the graph how records are on the way up and last year sales increased 39%. Not sure why if it’s because hipsters like records or if the giving away download codes has boosted sales. All in all we think it’s a good thing to promote a format that might be old but is still about quality of sound. Funny how with all technical improvements in the world you would think that sound quality would have improve, but in fact the old technique of scoring groves into wax is still the best. We love records!!


Amazing how did someone think of this!!

Clever stuff hey!!

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