Burial New EP “Kindred”

Well not like there are many other pics I can use

The new Burial E.P “Kindred” is finally out March 12th on wax and you can grab a copy Link to Vinyl Phonica they are doing pre-order, if you want one I would not hang about I am sure they will sell out.

If you head over to the Hyperdub website HERE they are streaming the tracks and you can also download it in the higher quality wav format, (really high quality they are like 100mb each) defo one for all the audiophiles out there.

Here is The title track, who would have thought that Hong Kong film and Burial would go so well together hey!!


The sound of the new E.P is great it’s maybe not what people where excepting but you can hear a more mature sound that we really like, the production seems to sound a little better and richer. Our personal favourite is “Loner” quite up tempo for Burial could even play it out in the club, it just sounds fucking sick!!


With all mainstream crapstep around its nice to hear something new from the ultimate dark purist beat maker that shows he is still on the right path, a million miles away from selling out we can’t see him doing a remix’s for Justin Beber anytime soon.

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