New Lianne La Havas Video “Lost and Found”

Lost & Found Single Cover

The wonderful song “Lost and Found’ is being released as a single from the EP which arrives on the 30th of April, we are rather happy about this!! We don’t care what kind of music you usually listen to YOU SHOULD SIT DOWN AND LISTEN TO THIS SONG because its amazing! 🙂



The honestly and rawness of the lyrics are astonishing specially for such a young songwriter, “Come up stairs and ill show you where my demons hide from you” as an opening line WOW!! She is talking about how being in love with someone has turned her to hate her self and the beauty and venerability she conveys with her voice is stunning. Even though we have heard this song many times before when we watched the video it made all are hairs stand up, it just pulls on those heart-strings.

This girl is one hell of a talent the frightening thing is she has plenty more from where that came from too.

We strongly recommend going to see Lianne live before she is massive which again she completes with effortless perfection . She is touring with the Bombay Biclycle Club check her website for more details

Now go and pre-order the EP Itunes link.

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