The Boys are Back In Town

Hot chip leaked this little cool video, a song off their new album.


Yeah don’t watch to hard you might get sick! We think its brilliant idea for a video, apparently lots of people on YouTube don’t. Someone once told me that YouTube comments prove that democracy doesn’t work, I will let you make your own mind up on that one. You can defiantly hear the heavy influence of Joe Goddard on this track but its lovely vocals bring it back to a normal Hot Chip sound, its a wonderful dance floor filler. “Flutes,” is the first single to leak from the groups recently announced fifth LP, ‘In Our Heads‘ it will be released on the 11th of June on their new record label Domino.

They have just annocued at big tour starting in June, check there website for details.

Its early doors but if you want to get in there early you can pre order the double Vinyl!

Its funny sometimes with music makers you have not heard from in a while you never realized how much you missed them until they come back with some new great music. Hot Chip’s new record could not come at a better time as London’s Indie is scene is a bit flat at the moment. So our feeling here is thank fuck they are back!

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