Mo Kolours FREE new EP “Banana Wine”


Mo Kolours has dropped his latest EP and One Handed Music have decided to give it away on digital for free!! Why you say is it free, rather than me explain I will quote Alex Chase’s response to this. “We are a rampantly capitalist record label after all, stacking mountains of paper off the back of strange psychedelic beat music. But this is an exceptional record which we believe a lot of people will love, and there’s a big world out there. We want to see if it spreads, and to see what happens if it does. If it means we’re eating gravel with a rusty trowel for a few months while we wait for Kanye’s call, so be it. So please download it, and if you like it, don’t be shy to pass it on.” Well there you go.

Mo Kolours is a very interesting young beat maker with a Caribbean feel and his new EP is no different its a bit all over the place but in a good way, he has defiantly proved that he is one of the most exciting talents coming out of London.  “Banana Wine” jumps from J’dilla like sounds to African rhythms with D’angleo like vocals even some house vibes. Anyway instead of us trying explaining it just download it’s free after all, its dame good we think you will like it. Alex maybe joking about Mo working with Kanye, but being that Hudmo got used by Chris Brown, Jai Paul got re-done by Drake and Jamie XX got yonked by Rihanna and Drake maybe its not to so far from a possible future. Below is link to his facebook page and his band camp where you can download it for free, also if there any left buy a copy only vinyl!

Band Camp Link

Facebook link

p.s this swimmers remix is Heavy its a real grower!!

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