Finally New Jai Paul! “Jasmine”


So its been a long time coming, but something new from Jai Paul!! It’s probably not what most people where expecting but its some prince like awesomeness!! “Jasmine” has a real D’angleo Grove we think its sick!!

There has been very little info about what he has been up to signed to XL and hyped on BBC sound of 2011, for one reason or another no Album/EP/ Or anything till now. Too be honest we don’t care when it comes out as long as its dope. If the rest of his album is half as good as “jasmine” & ‘BTSU” then we can’t wait. Its amazing though only really released 1 proper song and in less that 24 hours “Jasmine” has had 50,000 plays already wow!! I guess people really love “BTSU” I am sure Drake using it has not harmed Jai’s awareness either.

There is like no information about whats going on, we have a little inside info that he is working on the album and it sounds great. This is our conclusion he is dope is the UK version of Kanye and is on the best record label around XL, who now have crap loads of money because of the gazillion records Adele has sold; So we not worried when ever his album come out we are sure it will be fucking special and everyone one will know about it. Until that time you can listen to “Jasmine” below, no point putting any links up nothing on any of them enjoy!!

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