Jessie Ware Star In The Making

Stylish Classy Jessie

Jessie Ware’s latest dope as hell single “Running” also has a classy Video.


Jessie’s debut album was produced at Red Bull Studios back in August / November 2011 by Dave Okumu from the Invisibles & co-writes from Julio Bashmore. Here is some footage filmed by Kevin Morosky at Red Bull Studios, they look like they are having fun!

Love the giant pencil that Dave is using totally necessary when making music!! It was nice touch to see the vinyl laying around the studio for inspiration, Whitney Houston, Peter Gabriel and Grace Jones you can defiantly hear the influence on the songs.

Strangest Feeling released back in October is not too shabby either!!


Its pretty amazing the transformation from when she exploded onto the dance scene with SBTRKT and the underground hit “Nervous”, she went from dance vocalist in kicks to a sexy sophisticated singer songwriter in long black dresses ooh la la!!


She has a great story, Jessie was raised in Clapham she’s a South London girl. Started singing at school, her teacher leaned towards classical, and although in the early days opera had no appeal she liked jazz standards and Gershwin or Sinatra. Forgetting about singing she decided to go to university and get an education. Jessie choose to trail in her Dad’s footsteps and studied English literature at Sussex University with aspirations of later becoming a journalist. Jessie’s father’s a journalist (Panorama’s John Ware) Jessie did a journalism course and started working at The Jewish Chronicle.

She got back into singing through school friend Jack Penate who she toured with being a backing singer. Later after a meeting with SBTRKT from their first session came “Nevious”. Then after her dazzling performance on the Boiler Room with OneMan she launched herself onto the dance scene.

Sade anyone!!

If there are any questions about her pipes this live performance defiantly puts them to bed!!


Wonder if Jessie has Red Bull Tattooed on her ass she seems to spend a lot of time at the Red Bull Studios :-), nice little chat too.

Here is another live performance of a new track “Devotion” of her forthcoming album.


The thing we really like about Jessie is the organic nature of her rise, meetings through friends making music without any outside influence; No X-factor auditioning, or being told to work with the hot producer, write with that guy that wrote that song that was big. The reason why there is a movement behind her is not because a major is throwing gazillion dollars at marketing, she is rising from underground because she is fucking good!! It would be wonderful if Jessie made it in into the charts, we think that she just might when the album comes out in the summer.

Seriously get involved with this girl go buy her music now HERE!

More info check the links below, She is playing Field Day and on her Facebook page you can find a list of her live dates.

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