Music Can Heal The Soul!

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Music can really heal the soul!! Jeremy Sole bought this to my attention a wonderful video showing the effects on music on this old man who has had many seizures.


Its an astonishing video really shows the power of music and how it can help people. I have had some personal experience with this and music can defiantly have a massive effect helping people with dementia its does not always work but I don’t see how it can do any harm. We still don’t fully understand the mind but what we do know is music has a different effect on our brains. Yes its not just the effect of the music on the brain itself there can be a memory effect, a wedding song or break up track that triggers an emotional connection. But there is no doubt in my mind that music is the most powerful art form and in modern society we have the ability to access it anywhere, on phone, ipod, computer, radio and tv!! That 3-minute wonder that pulls on your heartstrings can be listened whenever you want. I get really board of the excuse I don’t live there or know one around me like the same kind of music, bollocks!! With the internet you pretty much have access to all the music you want if you lack the knowledge there are plenty of places like us where you can gain it, If you really have the passion its there for taking. Some of the most passionate musical people I have meet have been from some of the most unexpected places of the planet.

Its amazing that probably the best words of wisdom I have heard in a long time have come from a man who would be deemed buy most close to a vegetated state.

In response to the question ‘What does music do to you?’ Henry replies

“It Gives me the feeling of love, Romance! I figure right now the world needs to come into music, singing you’ve got beautiful music here, beautiful lovely! I feel the band of love and dreams!”

I could not agree more with Henry, there is so much beautiful music in the world that people need to hear. Music is everywhere in today’s culture we have more access to music than at anytime in history, but often people take music for granted and don’t really listen. Unfortunately music has been poisoned for a long time by a few big nasty companies who’ve exploited the art form to make money, what this has led to is bad music manufactured purely for the basis of making $$$$; using subversive tactics from advertising and marketing to make us buy it so making them money. On the one hand the internet has helped kill the power of these big fat men in suits but on the other side of the coin it has made them more desperate so thus the standard of mainstream music has decreased. So in recent times more bad music is made than ever, but now we have more access to good music that we never got to hear before so its a double edge sword. I really doubt that in 40 years from now anyone would listen to Ke$ha and have the same reaction Henry did in that film!!


Who ever you are maybe you should listen to something new and different take the time to really the emotions and lyrics, maybe today and then once a week. If your young and don’t listen to old music then try listening to something old maybe you have heard friends talking about an artist give it a try. If you like old stuff obviously you can read this site or try googling a music blog there is plenty of amazing new music around. But maybe,just maybe you might find a song that connects with you that might in 40 years have the same effect as it did on Henry.

They are running a great program where you can donate your old Ipod, I can’t think of better thing to do with an old mp3 player than giving it to person that I may brighten up there day, or you can give them money to buy a new one. Go to there website for more details.

If you are wondering whom Cab Calloway the guy Henry loves so much he is a legend with an incredible voice!!


His vocal power and range is bonkers!!


If you can find me a cooler cat than this guy I will give you a $1.

Never forget the power of music and that it can have far more impact than language!!

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