If James Blake Was A Girl!

Benjamin Damage in the studio

So I stumped upon this!!


Wonderful is it see what I mean about the James Blake reference, the track features the beautiful vocals from Abigail Wyles and the 2 boys from Wales Doc Daneeka and Benjamin Damage on the production.

Another gem “Toby Jug” (such a shit name for a lovely song) Kutmah is championing and has put it on his “Worldwide Family Vol.2” which is released on Brownwood Recordings.

Ten Thousand Yen records a cool little label with some other good artists like XXXY are releasing this it’s defo worth picking up on vinyl.


Not sure about the low budget weird hacienda effects but the song and her voice are great. Not a huge amount of info on Abigail Wyles we know is on the Manchester scene and she also features on new LP by Benjamin Damage and Doc Daneeka, put out by Modeselektor’s 50 Weapons Label and recorded in Berlin late last year. Below is an album preview and its rather good.

Live ep link to buy

Not much online about Abigail but she has a blog www.tumblr.com/abigail-wyles that’s about it really.

Kutmah mix link


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