Kwes is Coming!!

Kwes @ the market

Kwes new video “Bashful”


Love it when all the sensibility of the world tells you to act reserved but inside you just want to go mental!! The amount of times we have been around lots of people and a killer track comes on your headphones all want to do is dance like James Brown, we wish we had the courage to do so. This track is like musical crack can’t get enough of it, love the breakdown at the end so much!

Kwes also just leaked another song from the ‘Meantime’ EP :-).


Also dope!! We are counting down the days till ‘Meantime’ is released on 30th April can pre-order it by clicking Itunes link. He is also working on a new project called Kwesachu with Micachu and they launching the project at The Southbank @ The Q.E.H. on the 28th April, defo worth checking out of you not doing anything!! For more info on Kwes and his projects check his cool website

This is our 101st post and happy that it’s about one of the most exciting new artist rising up out of London!

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One thought on “Kwes is Coming!!

  1. Kwes just dropped a really cool remake of The invisible protection free download here

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