Greatness Never Dies


Thoughtful Bobby

Bobby Womack musical legacy will last forever but Damon Albarn and Richard Russell worked with him on some new material, a record came together called “The Bravest Man In The Universe”.


Along the same direction as the Gil Scott-Heron Album “I’m New Here”.


The bravest man in the universe maybe so.


Can’t make our minds up which one we prefer the funk version is a real grower! So can come to your own conclusion as we keep switching.


Produced by Richard Russell the Big Cheese at XL Records you can really hear how hard he is trying to be Jamie XX lol! But we will let him off as he runs the coolest record label in the world and also produced Gil Scott-Heron record. We think the production is simple and allows Bobby’s voice to take centre stage. Whatever you think of the project if it brings some attention to one of the legends of Soul and in our book that can’t be a bad thing. Here is one of his old school jams.


So good!! “The Bravest Man In The Universe” comes out on the 11th of June and apparently features Lana Del Ray!!

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2 thoughts on “Greatness Never Dies

  1. So happy I stumbled upon this blog, really cool stuff!

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