New Lianne La Havas Single

Fluffy Lianne

Sorry for the delay with updates we had laptop stolen but normal service should resume now. Here is the new single from Lianne La Havas “Is Your Love Big Enough”


This is defiantly the least favorite of her singles we have heard so far and the video is bit lame, standard music industry lazy live tour footage video that has been done hundreds times before (Label Dude: I have a great idea I know we can use tour footage and save money on a music video, other label dude: great idea). But still better than most other songs around it’s a really happy song, we don’t need much of an excuse to stand on our speaker box grab a megaphone to shout about Lianne La Havas, she is one of the most exiting new artist for years.

So strange for a new artist to release so many singles really hope that the album has a lots of new material or we might be a bit disappointed when it drops. Funny seems to be a trend nowadays lots of songs floating around and you get so excited about the the album release, but when it comes out only get a few songs you have not heard before :-(. Maybe it’s because there is less money for recording and so less songs to chuck in the bin, the internet may also play a role also with so much access to music then ever before, maybe we are more ahead of the curve here at DYLM now a days who knows but definitely a pattern appearing. Anyway we are pretty confident in Lianne’s writing ability, so “Is Your Love Big Enough” should have lots of gems on to look forward to when the album comes out on the 9th of July.

So you can pre-order @ ITunes. We never got the point of a digital pre-order, the old school idea of pre-ordering a record is so you guaranteed a copy at the store incase it sells out, but iTunes is never going sell out so seems a bit pointless just go buy it when it comes out. For more info about Lianne go look @

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