D’angelo’s First TV Performance In 12 years!

D in the house.

So D is back on our TV screens!! Anyone who knows anything about D’angelo will know what a big deal this is, even more surprising is that he started with “Untitled (How does it feel” a song that has caused so much internal turmoil. If you are wondering what we are talking about check out this amazing interview he did with GQ, which clears up all those questions you have been thinking and it all kinda makes sense now. Have a read HERE long but defiantly worth it.

Can check it out performance over at BET website @ www.bet.com/video/betawards/2012/performances/dangelo

He smashes it!! Yep he is back with a bang his vocals sound just as good as ever. Also played a new track “Sugar Daddy” from his forthcoming record. You can see from everyone who really knows about music in the crowd (Common, The knowles, Jamie Fox etc) is on their feet and understands what a big moment this was. We cannot stress how big a deal it is for us that D’angelo is touring again and a new record is coming out!  “Voodoo” is one of our top 5 albums of all time so we super excited.

Just a little reminder of why we love him so!!


On a different musical level to his peers!!

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