Korelss Amazing Remix Of How To Dress Well ‘Cold Nites’ WOW!!!

How to Dress Well not dressing so well!

It’s funny we do like How To Dress well but we don’t think he is the greatest thing since slice bread (which all the hipsters music blogs do). How To Dress Well songs always sounds a little unfinished, its cool but not mind-blowing but when other people remix there tracks always seem to knock it out of the park so guess it says a lot about the raw source; Previous remixes by XXXY and now with Koreless coming to the party with his remix of  ‘Cold Nites’, he has blown us away it’s so beautiful!

Stripped back pitched down amazingness, music box keys wow!! We think it’s better than the original. Koreless is one of our favourite new producers he proves that dance music is not always about heavy bass and weird noises it can be about emotion and delicacy. Expect big things from him in the future as we have heard that he will be heading to NYC as student at Redbull Music Academy later this year, I am sure this will help him become a household name in the dance world which he thoroughly deserves.

XXXY remix ‘Ready For The World’ is great and you can download for free HERE YO.

How to Dress Well LP ‘Total Loss’ comes out on 18/09 and I am sure will be worth checking out!

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