Frank Ocean – ‘Agent Orange’ May Have Just Saved RnB So Who Cares If He Likes Boys

So we purposely wanted to wait a while and ride out the media circus surrounding Frank Ocean’s self-outing, DYLM really wanted to digest ‘Chanel Orange’ before we commented. We don’t really care too much if he has fallen in love with a boy, which is totally clear when listening to songs like “Forrest Gump” and probably the reason why Frank chose now to tell the whole world on his tumblr; But we do think he is incredibly brave because he is the first major African American star to do so which is kind of a big deal. One thing is for sure Frank Ocean honesty in his lyrics shows real heart and courage.

If you want some more info on his coming out check out a good friend of DYLM Musa’s POST HERE over at MSN really good!

Not on the album but amazing song and video all about ninja panda!!

The bottom line is the album is fucking good. Frank has this amazing way of writing these down tempo RnB jams that the first time you hear them they don’t catch you, but they burn into your soul and by the 2nd/3rd time you can’t stop listening to them like musical crack. Frank just writes these ninja hooks that sneak up on you and before you know it you’re walking around singing them.

‘Channel Orange’ starts well goes through a little wobble and then comes back strong in the middle, by the time Pyramids kicks in (which is epic) after that the bangers just keep on flowing!


The harmonies are just savage and all backed up by deep meaningful emotional content. Comparing him to his rivals like Neo, Bruno Mars and the guy who likes to beat up women they are just not in the same league. Frank Ocean’s songs and musicality just operates at a higher level. You just get the feeling he is not just trying to make pop music trying to raise the bar, you are not going to hear some shit house music here. His amazing ability of storytelling just stands out.

As you can probably tell by now DYLM is a big fan of Frank Ocean and we have been banging his mix tape forever. We strongly recommend you ignore what you have heard and check out because RnB records don’t happen like this very often, yes its not perfect but it’s a lot better than everything else being played on the Radio.

Still is are favorite Frank Ocean Jam

So believe the hype and even if you don’t get it first time round, really spend the time to try again, artists like this just don’t come around that much anymore!.

So we think Frank Ocean may have single-handedly saved RnB!

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