Flying Lotus Breathtaking Album Preview ‘Until The Quiet Comes’

Flylo Spaceship!!

Not only in Flying Lotus pushing things forward with his music, he now seems to be pushing the boundaries with his visual art with this mini movie that showcases music from for his forthcoming LP ‘Until The Quite Comes’.


Beautiful!! Flying Lotus also clearly tips his hat to those innovators that have come before him with the J Dilla t-shit in the video. It’s just great to see in a time when the music industry is struggling for money gone are the days of gazillion $$$ videos, that a artist would clearly go out of his way to be creative. The visuals and music just fit perfectly props to director Kahlil Joseph.

The music on the sample gives us an insight into what is to come and it sounds wonderful. Flying Lotus seems to have gone back to go forward the revisiting the sound of his first record ‘1983’ with straight up beats, but combines the experimental Jazz and Soul elements of ‘Cosmogramma’. Always feels like Flylo has been sent from the future to play us beats, maybe one day the rest of us can join him on his spaceship (Low Rider 🙂 ) and he can take us back to the future! But until that day will have to make do with listening to his new album that comes on the 1st of October on Warp.

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