A Humble Flying Lotus Interview

Flylo reaching for the stars

Having meet Flying Lotus 3 things stood out, his massive smile, he is really tall and what a nice guy he was! It’s so wonderful for one of the most innovative electronic producers in the world to be so humble. Compared to other Dj/Producers whom constantly stroke their own egos and sell their names like a brands. Flying Lotus lets his music do the talking and he is an unassuming figure even though he’s the star of the LA beat scene.


Interestingly Flylo talks about the UK dance music scenes distain for the emerging ‘Bass’ scene as its known in USA. (Aka shit wobble Dubstep, Skrillex and Bassnectar and pony stuff like that). For those of who don’t know it’s the fastest dance music phenomenon in the USA at the moment what they are calling ‘Bass music’, warehouse raves with glow sticks etc Dubstep has arrived in the USA and it’s massive. It’s like Chinese whispers the message got a little distorted by the time it got to the other side of the Atlantic and it all went a bit Pete Tong, but to be fair there is a lot of crap commercial Dubstep coming from the UK as well. Flylo is the prefect person to comment on this, Low End Theory was one of first places to promote real Dubstep in the West Coast; Flylo being signed to a Warp Records and having spent so much time in the UK gives him a unique perspective. He is right that these guys know what they are doing and if they want to make bad music it’s up to them, if you don’t like it then just listen to something else.

Anyway Flying Lotus does not do to many interviews so worth listening to a producer who is a cut above everyone else right now!

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