The Kung Fu Kid Grows Up! RZA “The Man With The Iron Fists”

How Dope Is This Poster!

So once upon a time there was a little RZA growing up in Brooklyn watching Kung Fu Movies fly kicking across his bedroom. Then classic Hip Hop albums produced and rapped over (Wu Tang), solo projects (Bobby Digital), soundtracks and even star acting roles in Californication. Fast forward to now and RZA’s Dream has finally come true, he has been able to make his own big budget Kung Fu Movie Boom!! “The Man With The Iron Fists” RZA’s directing & writing debut has as stellar Cast; Russell Crowe, Lucy Lu and even RZA himself with fight scenes choreographed by Jet Li’s main man this film is no joke.


That aside neither is the soundtrack, with a heavy weight line up!! Below you can stream whole album.


It’s sounding dope with the lead single a Blakrock reunion “The Baddest Man Alive” and to top that off check out wicked limited Vinyl set 🙂 $85 though.

To quote RZA:  “One thing I think we did that was so cool for me was we went and got some of Wu-Tang’s original songs, the masters, Sony gave them to us to you, and we took out a lot of stuff that was in it and re-orchestrated it. And then Stax also came on board to help us out and they gave me about 10 of their famous Stax cues, songs from William Bell, from Isaac Hayes, from Mable John. So we were able strip them down and re-orchestrate it. You’re going to have a great time listening to this movie as a soundtrack.”

WHooooHAAAA! This Soundtrack is definitely a labor of love from RZA. We will for sure being going to cinema to watch this Movie, as this soundtrack needs to be heard in a theater. I mean Quentin Tarantino, RZA, Eli Roth, Cung Le, Russell Crowe, MC Jin, Rick Yune, Batista, Daniel Wu, Byron Mann, Lucy Liu and a bunch of hot Asian girls what else would you want!

You can buy the sound track now above at the Bandcamp site and film comes out in US on the 2/11 and UK 7/12!

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