Jamie Lidell Coming Soon!!

Jamie Lidell Working in The Lab

A long time ago I went to the 100 Club on Oxford Street to watch Jamie Lidell, the show was a bit bonkers! Jamie was like a one-man band but imagine replacing all the instruments for synths/mixers and gizmos. Singing into his mic making noises and conjuring up these crazy repetitive wild dance tracks. In appearance Jamie was like a one-man disco dressed in a yellow trench coat with lots of cd’s cable tied to his jacket, he looked like some crazy crack head; the gig was wonderful :-). Then his first record on Warp came out showcasing his beautiful voice and his songwriting ability, This was the start of his transformation into a full-blown soul singer. Now Jamie performs with a full band and swans around the stage in a fitted suit; not that we are complaining as Jamie Lidell is one of our favorite current soul singers. But we do miss that crazy man we once watched in the 100 Club. Well looks like that crazy dude in the trench coat might be making a come back!


We are excited to see what the fruits of Jamie Lidell new shizzle will sound like, it seems to be a return back to his earlier electronic work yippee!! Stay tuned kids for more info.

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