Who Is Captain Murphy? Apparently Flying Lotus!

The Best Album Artwork of The Year By Miles

The Best Album Artwork of The Year By Miles

So rewind a week ago and Low End Theory announced that Captain Murphy would be playing he debut show @ the Airliner on the 28/11 In LA. It happened and we hear through the grapevine that it went Chicken Oriental at Low End Theory, as a man wearing a ski mask and a sequined gold cape performed Captain Murphy tracks and spat rhymes all over those sick beats; Earl Sweat Shirt from Odd Future came out and it really went off as everyone lost their shit! See video below.


Then the might one Captain Murphy took off his Mask and revealed himself!!

Captain Murphy Is Flying Lotus

Captain Murphy Is Flying Lotus

Boom!! Not a massive surprise as he was behind a lot of the production but still a little revealing. We are not totally sure this is the final answer, because yes Flylo is making all the beats and behind all the cool artwork but we still have doubts that he is the rapper. It just seems a bit of stretch that Flylo can go from raping zero to hero, the lyrics and flow are pretty complex and for us there are still questions to be answered. Funny was talking to some peeps about it over the weekend and they suggested that maybe Tyler and Earl where swapping lyrics with each other to cover their tracks, maybe even ghost writing for Flylo; Even the lyrical content does not sit perfect, we meet Steve (Aka Flying Lotus) before and he is super nice guy and what captain Murphy is saying just does not fit with his character (yes but could be an alter ego type thing). We digress as its all-just conspiracy theories at the moment we could be totally wrong, so I am sure we will find out soon enough.

We are all Captain Murphy

We are all Captain Murphy

More importantly the whole LP has been given away for free! It’s Not only the complete album but bonus tracks, artwork and even instrumentals all kicked out onto the Interweb.


UPDATE: not sure why but link is not working maybe to much traffic new link.

Captain Murphy Duality mixtape

You cannot Defeat the Beard

You cannot Defeat the Beard

So in the end just enjoy the music its great with assisted production from Madlib, Teebs, Jeremiah Jae, Samiyam and Just Blaze. Also the artwork is off the chain! We have not seen original artwork like this for so such a long time very creative and refreshing. There is some sweet T-shirts available over at captainmurphy.bigcartel.com that are dope cope one before they burn out.

Duality is our 2nd fav Hip Hop LP of the year behind Kendrick Lamar and it’s free so no excuses not to check it out.

Skulls baby

Skulls baby

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