Big Boi and Little Dragon ‘Mama Told Me’ Free unreleased track

big boi and yukimi

big boi and yukimi

So turns out there where some major complications with the track ‘Mama Told Me’, due to the track being recorded while Little Dragon were still on Peacefrog and was barred from Big Boi’s forthcoming album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors. You can hear what Big Boi thinks about this as he did an interview over at Fader.

“Peacefrog? Unpeaceful. Little Dragon were still under contract with Peacefrog when we recorded. When they left that label and went to Universal I guess there was some bad blood going on between them two. So I guess Peacefrog felt like this was the last Little Dragon check they were gonna get. So they come in to my song that was already done and try to hijack my whole song. And I’m like, Helllll no. Wait a fucking minute! This shit is unheard of. They trying to rape me for my record that I already have. I still have that version though. You know me, I love the fans. Don’t try to tell me I can’t put it out. You know how shit leak around.”

Lol yes Big Boi and just like magic here it is!!


It has surfaced, via its producers The Flush you can download it for free. All about artist leaks so good now with the interweb unreleased great tracks just get kicked out :-). Kelly Rowland ended up replacing Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano who co-wrote the track, on a new version that will appear on the album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors.

Below is dope performance of this track on Jimmy Fallon with Big Boi and Little Dragon.

Click here to watch Live performance of Mama Told Me

Really looking forward to this LP which comes out this week!

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