Tom Odell Ones to watch big time

on the piano

on the piano

I used to watch Jools Holland TV show religiously when I was a younger, before the interweb came along It was the major place to see cool new artists. These days I don’t pay so much attention to the show I have not worked why; If it’s because it’s not as cutting edge as it used to be, if I have just had enough of Jools Holands Boogie woogie piano ruining other people’s songs or maybe I am ahead of the curve now. It has been such a long time since I watched the show and found out about someone new. Well last week that all changed as this young 90’s grungey looking blonde kid with no shoes on appeared in front of me, he stole the show with a mind-blowing performance. Tom Odell remember the name check it out for yourself below.


After that did some digging, Tom Is 22 being compared and hailed as the next Jeff Buckely, which does fit and has is signed to Colombia Records (Same as Jeff). Tom has finished his first LP which comes out early next year. Tom has been named not surprisingly on The BBC’s Sound 2013 Long list.

Another track ‘Sense’ live performance.


We not a fan of the full ‘Another Love’ single seems to take all the life and emotion out of the song, much prefer the demo ‘Another Love’ which if you go to and you can download for free. Sure if you google it you will find it video which we also don’t like (urrgh Major Labels).


Expect big things from Tom Odell in 2013 (as long as Sony does not suck the life out of him), he is extremely talented and with so many singing/songwriting women from UK taking 2012 by storm its time for the boys to fight back.

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