New video for Atoms For Peace ‘Ingenue’ Tom Yorke dancing again!

Lovely cover art

Lovely cover art

So we all love Tom Yorke’s Dancing weather in the past more like a slightly retarded child or just losing control on stage, but now he has turned his hand to interpretive dance (real dancing). This is the first single from his new/old side project Atoms For Peace from debut album ‘Amok’. ‘Ingenue’ is our fav track of the new record.


Directed by Garth Jennings the lady Dancer is Fukiko Takase and Choreographed by Wayne McGregor, word up it’s pretty cool in it. Not sure if Tom should give up his day job to become a dancer but pretty interesting to watch still looks a little awkward and a bit out-of-place though. The production on this track is stunning with this distant fading rhythmic beat in the background next level.

The album Amok is pretty dope as well, the music and production is clearly the star of the show. Does not have the killer songs of a Radiohead album but I guess that’s the point, he vocals always sit within the arrangements. As a whole album it really makes sense so easy to listen to its defo one of the best LP’s of the 2013. I think the most impressive thing for us is that Tom continues to innovate, he is 50 years old now and instead of making greatest hits records he is making cutting edge electronic music. The best thing is at no time does it seem forced, (e.g like Madonna just hiring cool producer to be current and cool) anyone who knows a little about Tom is that he is just really into this kind of music djing at Low End Theory. So long may the grey haired one keep making amazing future music and maybe wankers like Bono should take notes of how to grow old and still be an innovator. If you like Radiohead/electronic music it’s defo worth checking out this record.

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