50 Cent ‘We Up’ Ft. Kendrick Lamar



Well this caught us off guard, to be honest we don’t really pay much attention to what 50 Cent is doing because most of the time it’s pretty whack. Ohh look another Hip-Hop pop record where he is talking about being a gangster (even though he is a millionaire and does not live in the hood), money and girls never heard that before. The only reason why we even pressed play on this track is because Kendrick Lamar is on it. But it’s a really killer track the production is sick.


Yes the video fit’s every stereotype in the game with loads of your standard product placement, models and is pretty much a flossing record but we like the song. Both 50 Cent and Kendrick both are a little introspective in referencing all the money they have is like a dream but still not the undertones of usual Kendrick track. It sonically sounds like a Kendrick track maybe it was and 50 cent jumped on it and made his single not sure who did the production. There was another video and track featuring Kidd Kidd but he got the chop apparently.

Commercial Hip Hop has been in a bad way over the last few years and it still amazes us that people buy into this fake ass gangster, girls and money nonsense. Well at least 50 cent has not gone down the route of that Hip Hop House bullshit. With the rise of Kendrick, Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$ Hip Hop is making a come back, lets hope that real Mc’s kill off this woeful fake product placement rap that has filled are air waves. Well this might be the only fiddy track we ever talk about so enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “50 Cent ‘We Up’ Ft. Kendrick Lamar

  1. I felt the same way when I saw this video yesterday, 50 at it again? I haven’t enjoyed 50 since Guess Who’s Back. And to be honest I still don’t.

    This video and song lacked everything that might have sold me into a trendy pop rap song. I wasn’t impressed at all and Kendrick is mediocre at best in my opinion. At least he had a verse in this song, I watched the Lil Wayne video featuring 2Chains but the only thing he said was that Im poor and suck while he is rich and awesome… Not even a verse, wtf did he get feature credit for?

    I am just not impressed with rap anymore. These artist go from struggling individuals with real creativity and credibility to rich, irrelevant, and over commercialized fading stars. Keep it grounded hip hoppers.

    Sorry for my negative thoughts, love your blog!


    • Yes I would agree that 50 ant that great and to be fair never has been always been selling pop gangster rap, most rappers have become more like brand mangers selling gangster life with drinks and cell phones. Commercial hip hop is the worst. I just like the beat on this track and its a little better that 50 usually really crap lyrics, does not sound like 50 track thats why i think that it might be kendrick track that he jumped on.

      Kendrick is cut from a different cloth to other modern rappers defo worth checking out.

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