Koreless ‘Sun’ and EP ‘YUGEN’



To say we are massive fans of Koreless is a bit of an understatement, we have been following this kid forever since his ‘4D’ track appeared on Giles Peterson Show years ago.


Quite frankly we think he is everything that James Blake was doing before he started warbling over his music; Koreless electronic music just seems to have so much emotion and soul seeping through its bleeps. We also got a chance to see him live last year at Dimensions Festival in Croatia, it was one of the best music experiences of 2012 (may have been a little wasted but still amazing :-)).  Koreless is back with a new EP ‘YUGEN’ out on Young Turks and lead track ‘Sun’


The first time we heard this track honestly were not feeling it but it has really grown on us (if you press play and don’t like it, leave it and try again 5 mins later), builds and gathers slow momentum like it’s some mental introduction to a remake of Space Odyssey 2001! We can’t wait for the EP ‘YUGEN’ so excited to see what Koreless comes up with, we expect big things from this kid he is making a different kind of dance music.

Can Pre-order it over at Young Turks store it comes out on 20/05 get on it!

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