Kelpe New Record ‘Fourth: The Golden Eagle’


So we have been listening to Kelpe (aka Kel McKeown) new record and its brilliant possible one of the best electronic LP’s of 2013. He is massively underrated and in the same ball park as Bonobo with his jazzy glitchy electronics, but he does not get the same recognition as Si Green. Check out the amazing video for the latest single ‘Beaks of Eagles’.

Birds flying high! This spectacular video made by Diagram Design in Tokyo. The first single ‘Answered’ also has a great video.

This girl really loves puzzles, I hope someone helps her out with all of those puzzles :-). Kelpe also released another 2 really cool videos with tracks off the new album.

Another dope ass video ‘Outwhere?’ directed by Paul ‘Gash’ Southgate, don’t want to take acid and look at this for too long hey!!

To Quote Kel McKeown himself “The video for ‘Single Stripe’ was created by Graphic Surgery and mookx, visual artists from the Netherlands, using custom made software programmed by Johan Holwerda. It was made using a realtime controllable representation of the track in the form of a graphical oscillator, programmed in C# using technologies normally used to make shader effects for computer games. Every sound of the track is visually represented using the oscillator to perform live visual jam sessions on the track, which were then re-edited by mookx.” looks wicked.

The LP ‘Fourth: The Golden Eagle’ is out now and are released on Kelpe’s own label, DRUT Records. You can buy it on all formats over @ and show him some love at his

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