Action Bronson ‘Heel Toe’ Produced by Harry Fraud

He makes no secret of his love for weed :-)

He makes no secret of his love for weed 🙂

So ‘Heel Toe’ is our jam right now, love this 80’s old school vibe beat and weird sax also Bronson Kills it. Apparently it’s a joint that was recorded at the same time as the EP ‘Saab Stories’ which is also great, as Bronson describes it himself it’s very “Wavey” and we agree with the chef.

We love it!! Driving along in our Jeep the sun shining with the top down ‘Heel Toe’ on the stereo, then stop and “Have a cheese steak with mr Bibbles” you know that :-). You can download it for free by clicking on the Soundcloud above boo ya!!


We also were lucky enough to see Action Bronson Live in London at  Koko and he smashed it. One of the Top 5 Hip Hop shows we have ever been to and being that we have seen most of the greats Nas, Common Wu etc it’s saying something. Was so much fun just him and a Dj onstage, he was spitting the same as on the records and his charisma really filled the stage as did his large self which also filled a lot of it too ;-). The highlight of the show was when he crazily jumped off the stage walked thorough the massive crowd, then up the stairs to balcony and did a another song. The audience lost their shit and rightfully so as he was walking through the crowd even with some kids hanging off him, then Bronson went right up to the top of venue did another track while hanging over the balcony with security holding his legs rahhh amazeballs!

What G rapping from up high.

What G rapping from up high.

Then he carried on rapping and went through the venue and ended up back on stage, where he continued the show and dropped the epic ‘Bird on Wire’ and place went off. As Riff Raff was not there he convinced the crowd to all rap Riff Raff lyrics which we all did, I never thought I would be a show and whole venue would be spitting Riff Raff it was hilarious!

Possibly the best encore at a show I have ever seen, the Dj plays some commercial house music and with some of the crowd looking bemused as Bronson ‘shouts I an’t gonna try to rap over this and I am just gonna dance’, that’s exactly what he did danced off stage while Dj played more house. So random it was brilliant lol! Can’t wait for Action Bronson first full debut album, he has such a vivid imagination which he expresses with his lyrical prowess. In the modern-day of crap product placement commercial rappers Bronson is a breath of fresh air.

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