Big Sean ‘Control (HOF)’ ft Kendrick Lamar – Jay Electronica – Kendrick Lamar’s verse is fire!

Long live the King

Long live the King

There is a new King in town and he goes by the name Kendrick Lamar!! To be honest not really a fan of Big Sean and this track does nothing to help that out, next to Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica he comes across very average. What this track will be remembered for is Kendrick Lamar throwing down the gauntlet and staking his claim and the best living rapper and dissing all the rest. Kendrick has raised the bar up now everyone has to try and follow. (If like us you find Big Sean very annoying fast forward to 2:55)

Yup Wowsiers, Kendrick murders it spits pure fire!!!! Not like Jay Electronica verse is bad its pretty dam good, but all verses quiver in comparison to Kendrick.

The backstory to this track is that Sean was unable to clear the sample on the track produced by NO I.D, which was supposed appear on his upcoming album Hall of Fame, so he leaked it to New York radio personality Funkmaster Flex, who debuted it on Monday night on Hot 97. Since then the Internet has exploded with everyone one going bonkers about Kendrick Lamar’s verse (rightfully so). The funniest responses on twitter was from Pusha T one of the victims:

“I hear u loud and clear my n—-.”

We think he is the best living rapper and we did before this, but now Kendrick really is the King of New York as well as King of LA!!

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