Kwabs – ‘Last Stand’ (Prod. SOHN)


As per normal with Kwabs he teases us with random uploads of tracks that are amazing. So out of nowhere as usual the new track Last Stand just appeared; produced by another hot prospect SOHN (also working with Banks) it’s a partnership that works like Jerk Chicken and Rice & Peas. Sounding super fresh and very current like if James Blake had a robot baby with Banks then got it upgraded to software version 2.0.

Kwabs vocally takes it to heights that Blake or Banks could only dream about, the richness of his lower tones are insane and he also gets an opportunity to demonstrates his upper range beautifully. When all the harmonies kick in his falsetto vocals soar!

We cannot praise this guy enough he is the brightest new star to come out of the London music scene, the freighting thing is Kwabs even more amazing live. He has now graduated from Royal Academy of Music and is locked away writing his first album with some cool producers. When he finally releases some music in 2014 we will be the first ones in the line to buy it as we still don’t have any studio recorded music to listen on are headphones. Big tings from Kwabs to come in 2014!! 🙂

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